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Uwe Martens

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All content of this website (text, images and videos) is copyright protected under the jurisdiction of all eligible countries if not stated otherwise! Any use other than personal use requires the explicit consent of the author and publisher of this website!


The Bitcoin and Namecoin networks are maintained by the general public. Neither of the peer-to-peer networks is backed by a company or legal entity. The code of the software wallets creating the blockchains is developed by voluntaries on GitHub. Most of the contributors shown in the Namecoin repository are originally solely contributors to the Bitcoin Core wallet, from which the Namecoin Core wallet has been forked. Same goes for the contributors of the Namecoin Electrum wallet.


Supreme Court decisions have regularly held that the logos and lettering of cryptocurrencies such as for Bitcoin, which are operated community-based by the general public, do not qualify for copyright protection. Thus the Namecoin logo with logotype are public domain and have originally been published under the CC0 1.0 Universal (CC0 1.0) Public Domain, the level of creation does not qualify for copyright protection.