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⚙ New Namecoin specifications

In preparation for the release of the new Namecoin DNS apps, a total of 48 new namespaces have now been introduced:

• Domains and ID records are no longer separated
• ID records are no longer limited to a predefined set of key types
• 48 new namespaces have been introduced to allow new domain creations in all areas of daily life
• SSL/TLS specifications and standardization were introduced along with our Namecoin Root Certificate

For a long time, the community has used the .bit handle of the default Namecoin domains as quasi-identities and their display names on social media. Unfortunately, this only expressed ownership of the domain, which did not contain any personal data on the blockchain, but what would be expected from a web3 ID. Technically, this usage violated the specifications, as there was no implementation or resolver that displayed additional data from domain records beside IP and server settings. To meet the needs of the modern crypto community, new Namecoin specifications have been introduced in September 2022 to be used with our browser add-ons, complemented in February 2023 by additional ten TLDs (Top Level Domains). The historical id/ namespace is now associated with the .web3 TLD. Altogether, Namecoin now offers 50 namespaces with assigned TLD.

However, no TLD will be assigned to the additional nft/ namespace, since this namespace is dedicated for file names and their metadata. Below the sortable table with Namecoin domains and IDs:

a/.apiIT Business
b/.btcWeb3 Community
c/.cryptoIT Business
d/.bitIT Business
e/.centralWeb portals
f/.connectWeb3 Community
g/.gateWeb portals
h/.homeWeb3 Community
i/.indexWeb portals
j/.journalWeb portals
k/.logicIT Business
l/.lineIT Business
m/.metaWeb3 Community
n/.nmcWeb3 Community
o/.daoWeb3 Community
p/.publicWeb portals
q/.portalWeb portals
r/.peerIT Business
s/.serverIT Business
t/.nftWeb3 Community
u/.unionWeb3 Community
v/.serviceIT Business
w/.wireIT Business
x/.matrixWeb3 Community
y/.cyberWeb3 Community
z/.codeIT Business
id/.web3Web3 Community
ru/.битКир. (cyrillic)
cn/.位元中文 (Chinese)
kr/.비트한국어 (Korean)
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For details, please refer to section Namespaces.

February 15, 2023
Uwe Martens

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⚙ New Namecoin specifications15.02.2023In preparation for the release of the new Namecoin DNS apps, a total of 48 new namespaces have been introduced.Announcements
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